Available in 1 Gal. / 3.78 L, 5 Gal. / 19.00 L, and 55 Gal / 205.00 L Containers

MULTI-CLEAN is a concentrated wash, formulated to remove different types of screen printing inks, clean squeegees and floodbars. It can also be used as a screen opener. In addition MULTI-CLEAN efficiently removes fresh ghost images.

– does not contain ozone depleting chemicals as described

User Instructions
As a classic Screen Cleaner:
  1. Remove excessive ink from screen.
  2. Apply MULTI-CLEAN to both sides of the screen using a soft brush. MULTI-CLEAN may be diluted up to 50% with water if used in automatic cleaning units and soft inks such as plastisol inks).
  3. Allow MULTI-CLEAN to penetrate the ink (approx. 1 minute)
  4. Apply pressure wash to both sides of the screen working your way up from side to side.

Pre-test the product selected prior to engaging in a production run.

For use as a Screen Opener
  1. Spray MULTI-CLEAN on screen at full strength.
  2. Wipe off from both sides using a lint -free cloth to open the mesh .
As a Haze Remover:
  1. After the wash operation, even if the screen is wet, apply MULTI-CLEAN on both sides of the screen using a brush specially designated for this purpose.
  2. Allow the screen to dry. The reaction time depends on the type of ink used and the hardness of the ink residues, it can vary from 15 minutes to 1 hour.
  3. Reactivate with DIGI-INK WASH and rinse with pressurized water
For stain prevention (when washing is delayed)
  1. Remove excessive ink from the screen.
  2. Spray full strength MULTI-CLEAN on both sides of the screen.
  3. Wash screen with DIGI-INK WASH or MULTI­CLEAN