Oratape MT95 Application Tape


Transparent, polyethylene-based application tape with fine-pocked finish and medium tack adhesive. Suitable for almost all known film types (matt or glossy) for dry or wet application.

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Oratape MT95 Application Tape: The special composition of the polyacrylate adhesive enables unproblematic transfer of die-cut and computer-cut letters and symbols. Even after more than six months of application, without any considerable increase in adhesive strength, the tape can be easily removed without leaving a residue. The high tensile strength of the film ensures precise positioning. This mounting film is suitable for almost all well known types of glossy or matt-finished films.

Comes in various widths x 100yd length.

Technical specs


12" x 100yds (300 ft), 24" x 100yds (300 ft)