Available in 1 Gal. / 3.78 L, 5 Gal. / 19.00 L, and 55 Gal / 205.00 L Containers

Cleaning/degreasing all types of meshes. Super Paste paste will: – Remove ink and stencil residues thus preventing ghost images, provided these are not due to thread damage by abrasion.


Super Paste is a one part light beige colored paste, formulated for a wide range of cleaning and degreasing applications. Ideal for remove of ink stains and ghost images from mesh. Super Paste will emulsify and dissolve other impurities. This product chemically roughens meshes to provide a grease- free, adhesion-treated surface for all type of stencils. Super paste may also be used as a haze remover without the addition of any solvents.


Super Paste is available in two versions:

SCS-3000      Super Paste Premix

SCS-3010      Super Paste Scented

User Instructions

Store away from heat. Do not allow to freeze.

Safety and Handling

Super Paste contains Sodium Hydroxide. Super Paste is corrosive and can cause severe burns. Containers should be tightly closed immediately after use. Take particular care to avoid splashes into the eyes and skin contact. In case of skin contact, rinse immediately with water. In case of splashes into the eyes, seek medical advice. Wear suitable protecting clothing, gloves and eye/face protection.

Comprehensive information on the safety and handling of Super Paste is given in the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheets.

Environmental Data

Super Paste

– does not contain ozone depleting chemicals as described in the Montreal Convention

– is completely biodegradable

– is formulated free from aromatic hydrocarbons which are known to have an adverse effect on the environment.

– is free of any volatile solvent and are therefore beneficial to the environment when compared to solvent based products.

– the pH of Super Paste is 14


  1. Clean mesh of ink and emulsion residues.
  2. Wet screen and apply Super Paste to both sides of the screen with a soft brush.
  3. Let stand for a approximately 5 minutes.

Do not allow Super Paste to dry on the mesh as screen mesh may be damaged.