Available in 1 Gal. / 3.78 L, 5 Gal. / 19.00 L, and 55 Gal / 205.00 L Containers

Screenprep 1000 is a gray paste designed for the pre­treatment of new screen meshes. This product is lightly abrasive, Screenprep 1000 promotes good adhesion between stencil and mesh and reduces the incidence of pinholing.

Screenprep 1000 is suitable for use an all modern fabrics including polyester, nylon and stainless steel. The use of Screenprep 1000 is recommended for use with all types of stencils, the life of which will be considerably enhanced. Screenprep 1000 contains no caustic or other hazardous chemicals.

User instructions:
  1. Wet the screen with cold water.
  2. Apply a small amount of Screenprep 1000 to both sides of the mesh and rub both sides of the mesh with a sponge or soft brush, using circular motions.
  3. Let the product react for one minute (or more if necessary)
  4. Wash with cold water until the effluent is free of foam. Do not use hot water as this can cause mesh blockage.
  5. Dry as usual prior stencil application.


It is the printer’s responsibility to pre-test the product selected prior to engaging in a production run

Safety and Handling

-Formulated to be free from any toxic chemicals

-Exempt from the Highly Flammable Liquids Regulations Comprehensive information on the safety and handling of Screenprep 1000 is given in the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheets.