StarLam 1600R Roll-To-Roll Liquid Laminator

The StarLam 1600R applies a smooth consistent coating of Marabu water-based ClearShield® liquid laminate. Handling a wide variety of substrates up to 64” wide, the StarLam makes liquid lamination quick and easy. Marabu’s innovative and proven system offers increased profitability by providing a cost effective, simple laminating solution!


  • Vehicle graphics
  • Back lit signs
  • POP
  • Trade show displays
  • Banners
  • Wallpaper

Our water-based ClearShield liquid laminates can be used over solvent based output and pigmented ink systems printed on water resistant substrates. ClearShield liquid laminates protect your prints against UV exposure, moisture, abrasion, chemical damage and marring.


  • Ships ready to use
  • Coats a variety of substrates up to 64” wide (1.6 M)
  • Applies a smooth, even and consistent coating
  • Easy to use and it is designed for single operator use
  • Easy to clean up in less than 10 minutes
  • Suitable for store front shop or high production printer
Specifications StarLam 1600 R
Maximum Coating Width 64” (1.6 meters)
Machine Size 84” x 32” x 48”
Electrical Requirements Single Phase 208 – 240 VAC @ 40 Amps
Speed (variable speed control) 1 – 4 feet per minute
Meyer Rod (standard)
* Applies a wet film thickness of 2.16 Mils
* Additional Meyer rods available at an additional cost
# 24
Warranty 1-Year Parts