PRE-RUNNER T-Shirt Sample Press

  • Enables operators to refine and document automatic screen printing press print parameters
  • Frees automatic screen printing presses for production
  • Maximum print area 66 x 71 cm (26″ x 28″) or 112 x 97 cm (44” x 38”)

Product Brochure (PDF)

Pre-Runner™ is M&R’s semi-automatic T-shirt sample press. It’s available in standard and oversize (OS) versions with respective maximum image areas of 66 x 71 cm (26” x 28”) and 112 x 97 cm (44” x 38”). Both sizes come in single-pallet and optional triple-pallet configurations. When combined with M&R’s Tri-Loc® Rapid Registration System (sold separately), the triple-pallet index system turns Pre-Runner into the perfect T-shirt sample press.