PHOTON™ UV LED Screen Print Curing System and Conveyor Dryer

  • UV LED array runs cool, consumes less power, lasts longer, and increases conveyor belt longevity
  • The finest UV LED screen printing conveyor dryer for graphics
  • Belt widths from 61 cm to 183 cm (24″ to 72″)

M&R’s Photon is the finest UV LED cure system available, and it represents a revolutionary advance over traditional curing light sources. Photon incorporates powerful UV LEDs signaled by a photo-optic sheet sensor that automatically turns LEDs on and off, reducing power consumption while increasing conveyor belt longevity. Since Photon’s UV LEDs run cool and generate no ozone, they need no special cooling or exhaust systems, and since it has no reflectors or rotating lamps, Photon is easier to clean and maintain!

Product Brochure (PDF)