CHALLENGER III Automatic Screen Printing Press

  • 12-18 colors, 14-20 stations
  • Maximum image areas from 48 x 55 cm (19” x 22”) to 91 x 110 cm (36” x 43”)
  • Ultra-high-speed indexing system

Product Brochure (PDF)

Challenger® revolutionized screen printing in the 1980s, and Challengers have dominated the industry ever since. M&R’s Challenger III automatic screen printing press expands on that tradition by combining innovative features—like M&R’s electronically adjustable Ink Dip™ ink retrieval system—with exceptional speed and the best ideas from over 25 years of M&R automatics. Challenger III’s indexer enables double indexing in one uninterrupted motion, increasing production speed for oversize work by eliminating the pause between indexes.