26-1KS PLC™ Metal-Halide Platemaker

  • Maximum exposure area 58 x 69 cm (23” x 27”)
  • 1K instant-start multi-spectrum-metal halide lithographic exposure lamp
  • Produces fast exposures and superior lithographic images

The recently updated 26-1KS PLC is designed to ensure fast, consistent lithographic exposures and superior image reproduction on printing plates, color proofing materials, daylight films, and many other applications that require UV exposure with absolute contact. It combines a 1K instant-start multi-spectrum metal-halide exposure lamp with a vacuum frame and molded one-piece blanket housed in an all-steel cabinet. The 26-1KS PLC is a complete, easy-to-use lithographic exposure system with an energy-efficient power supply that provides more power and light than competing models with higher wattages.

Product Brochure (PDF)